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With your arrival in Ohrid you will feel the pulse of the deep traces of time, caught in the continuous game of the lake which Hotel Aleksandrija offers for you. The magical feeling of peace flows through all senses, creating the beautiful picture in sight. You will enjoy the sight of seagulls in the sky and every drop of the lakes waters in which shines the Pearl of Ohrid created by the tears of the mysterious Lihnida who gave life to the Lake of Ohrid, like a priceless pearl of riches which brings unrepeatable excitement and unforgettable experiences.

You will hear the breath of Lihnida when tear by tear, pearl by pearl, she crates the lake and in it traps the secret of the power of beauty forever. You will see all this from all the room and windows of the hotel, which through their eyes of pearl look upon the lake and feel through them a tender touch of your soul, deep peacefulness and shaking excitement. You experience all that beauty here, in the hotel ambient, in its interior and exterior, in the soul of that Ohrid gives to the old and rich ( plaza, town square) near it, the graceful architecture from times ago, and the monumental churches through which the centuries talk through. In the song of the picture of the icon painter, that great, restless master of fresco painting, and the wonderful sounds of the chisel of the carver in-braiding on wood, and the shattering designs that resemble the relief of Ohrids Church Architecture.

Thit is a dream, and your dream can come true because you rule with it, you admire the beauties, they fulfill your soul and your time with permanent, unforgettable memories. Here, in the luxurious suits that the hotel disposes, you feel the lake splashing your soul, on the French Beds you fall asleep with the feeling that the waves are slowly rocking you into a sweet dream. Just a few steps from the hotel the Museum of Ohrid will tell you the whole history of the ancient people of this territory, constructors and battlers.

Samiols Fortress is proof hectic times. The whispering voices of 3,500 students reach you from the big university of the miracle worker Kliment Ohridski who flourishingly rewrites the laws of God, that whisper also reaches you traveling through a whole millennium to reveal the great secrets of the all Slavonic literacy which from spark to flame flattered in Ohrid to rise the Slavonic people and to give great contribution to the world house of wisdom.

Ohrid welcomes you with annual cultural manifestations, through which you will feel the thousand-year tradition of unforgettable experiences.

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